TS1000-B5-بلاك أند ديكر صانعة الساندوتش 600 واط، شريحتين موديل - أسود

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تاريخ التسليم المتوقع الأربعاء 27 / فبراير / 2019

وزن الحزمة2 Kg

العلامة التجاريةبلاك أند ديكر


نوعجهاز صنع الساندويش


The Black & Decker TS1000 B5 Sandwich Maker is what you need to enjoy tasty snacks easily and quickly. It has two large cut slots that help you make two sandwiches simultaneously. The sandwich maker lets you know when it's heated up with its ready to cook light. And with the indicator light, it tells you when is the time to remove your sandwiches. The maker has a secure lock and lid system that ensures safe and perfect cooking. To minimize accidents during operation, it has built in overheat protection. The appliance is safe to touch even while it's on as its body is heat resistant. Therefore, it stays cool at all times.


Vertical Space saving storage

600 W

Voltage: 220-240 V


Black & Decker TS1000-B5 2 Slice Sandwich Maker, 600W


The Black & Decker TS1000 helps even beginners and people who don't know how to cook to prepare snacks like a pro. It has easy to use functions and offers options that let you cook sandwiches according to your preference. With this single appliance, you can enjoy both toasted and grilled sandwiches. It has a large capacity and gives you neatly cut pieces of sandwiches in a triangular shape. With its indicator lights, you'll never get undercooked or burnt sandwiches as it tells you when its time to put your sandwich in and remove it.

Black & Decker TS1000-B5 2 Slice Sandwich Maker, 600W


The Black & Decker sandwich maker is very quick as it works on a powerful 600W motor. Its plates have a nonstick coating which along with providing easy cooking also make it hassle free to clean. The body of the 2 slice sandwich maker is heat resistant so you can handle it anytime without burning your hands. And its overheat protection makes it completely safe for use.

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العلامة التجارية بلاك اند ديكر
الموديل TS1000-B5
اللون اسود
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