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  1. Panasonic Rechargeable Beard-Hair Trimmer, Dry&Wet, Cord-Cordless, Black - ER2051K7211

    Special Price SAR229 Regular Price SAR349
  2. Panasonic Body Trimmer, Washable, Wet&Dry, Attachment Head For Sensitive Area - ER-GK60-S421

    Special Price SAR189 Regular Price SAR419
  3. Panasonic Beard&Hair Trimmer, Rechargeable, 12Cutting length, Stainless Steel Blade - ER206K222

    Special Price SAR99 Regular Price SAR249
  4. Panasonic i-Shaper Beard Trimmer, 20Cutting length Adjustments (0.5-10mm) - ER-GD30-K421

    Special Price SAR299 Regular Price SAR449
  5. Panasonic Hair Styler Multi-use 650W with Blower Brush, Roller Brush, Air Iron - EH8465-A665

    Special Price SAR134 Regular Price SAR229
  6. Panasonic Electric Hair Styler 650W with Blower Brush, 2Speed Settings, Bag - EH8461-A665

    Special Price SAR99 Regular Price SAR179
  7. Panasonic Straightening and Curling Hair, 3Heat Settings, 27mm Plate, Quick Heat - EH-HV21-K685

    Special Price SAR169 Regular Price SAR239
  8. Panasonic Kitchen Machine 1000W, 4.3L, White - MK-CM300WTZ

    Special Price SAR399 Regular Price SAR799
  9. Panasonic Fruit Juicer 3in1 1.5L, 800W, Jug 1L, Malaysia - MJ-DJ31STZ

  10. Panasonic Meat Mincer 1300W, Steel Blades, 3 Cutting Plates - MK-MG1300WTZ

  11. Panasonic 1800W Hair Dryer, 3Settings, Foldable Handle - EH-ND37-K685

  12. Panasonic 2300W Hair Dryer, Slim Nozzle, Heat Protection Mode - EH-ND65-K685

  13. Panasonic Hair Styler 8 in 1, 650W - EH-KA81-W685

  14. Panasonic Microwave Oven 4-in-1, 1000W, 34L, Sensor, Silver - NN-CD87KSSTM

    Special Price SAR1,799 Regular Price SAR2,499
  15. Panasonic Water Dispenser Stand, Hot/Cold, 3 Faucet - SDM-WD3438BG

    Special Price SAR949 Regular Price SAR1,249
  16. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner 2400W, 21L , Japan - MC-YL999N747

    Special Price SAR1,249 Regular Price SAR1,799
  17. Panasonic Water Dispenser Stand, Hot/Cold , 3 Faucet - SDM-WD3128TG

    Special Price SAR569 Regular Price SAR799
  18. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 2300W ,21L - MC-YL989T747

    Special Price SAR1,199 Regular Price SAR1,609
  19. Panasonic Twin Tub Washing Machine 8Kg, White - NA-W800BWSA

    Special Price SAR999 Regular Price SAR1,649
  20. Panasonic Twin Tub Washing Machine 10Kg, Gray - NA-W1000BWSA

    Special Price SAR1,399 Regular Price SAR1,749
  21. Panasonic Twin Tub Washing Machine 18Kg, Gray - NA-W18XG1BSA

    Special Price SAR2,199 Regular Price SAR2,299
  22. Panasonic Side by Side Refrigerator, 18Ft, Inverter, Steel - NR-BS703MSSA

    Special Price SAR3,099 Regular Price SAR4,399
  23. Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine 12kg, Active Foam Function, Black - NA-FD12X1BSA

    Special Price SAR2,149 Regular Price SAR3,099
  24. Panasonic Hair Dryer 2500W, Black - EH-N2500K685

    Special Price SAR139 Regular Price SAR240
  25. Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine 16kg, Active Foam Function, Black - NA-FD16X1BSA

    Special Price SAR2,849 Regular Price SAR3,899
  26. Panasonic Electric Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 2500W ,6L - MC-CJ919R747

    Special Price SAR1,399 Regular Price SAR2,299
  27. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2200W, 21L, Malaysia - Multi Color - MC-YL788R747

    Special Price SAR719 Regular Price SAR999
  28. Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine, 9kg, Abaya Wash, Silver - NA-149MG4LSA

    Special Price SAR1,999 Regular Price SAR3,099
  29. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner 2300W, 21L, Malaysia - Multi Color - MC-YL798N747

    Special Price SAR785 Regular Price SAR1,099
  30. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 2300W, Red - CG717R747

    Special Price SAR789 Regular Price SAR1,129
  31. Panasonic Hair&Beard Trimmer, Cord-Cordless, 12 Cutting length Adjustments (0.5-18mm) - ER2031K7211

    Out of stock
  32. Panasonic 3-Blades Shaver 13000 RPM, Wet & Dry, 1 Hour Charge/45 Min Usage - ES-ST25-K722

    Out of stock
  33. Panasonic 2000W Ionity Hair Dryer, Dry 2300W, 3Air Flow Settings - EH-NE66-K685

    Out of stock
  34. Panasonic Microwave Oven 800W, 25L, Defrost, Black - NN-ST34NBSTK

    Out of stock
  35. Panasonic Electric Kettle 2200 W, 1.6 L, Stainless Steel, Red - NC-SK1RTZ

    Out of stock
  36. Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine 7kg, 1400 RPM, Silver - NA-127MG2LSA

    Out of stock
  37. Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine, 12kg, Dry 8kg, Silver - NA-S128M2LSA

    Out of stock
  38. PANASONIC Microwaves 32L, 1000W, Made in China, Silver- NN-ST67JSSTM

    Out of stock
  39. Panasonic Hair & Beard Electric Trimmer Black - ER2051K751

    Out of stock
  40. Panasonic Heavy Duty Dry Iron 1200W, White - NI22AWTXJ

    Out of stock
  41. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 1900W, 6L Capacity, Red - MC-CJ911R747

    Out of stock
  42. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2100W, 18L, Multi Color, Malaysia - MC-YL778A747

    Out of stock
  43. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner, 1700W, 4L, Malaysia - MC-CG525R747

    Out of stock
  44. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner, 1900W ,Malaysia - MC-CG711R747

    Out of stock
  45. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 2100 Watt, 6 L , Japan, White - MC-CJ915R747

    Out of stock
  46. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 1500W, 15 L , Malaysia - MC-YL690A747

    Out of stock
  47. Panasonic Side by Side Refrigerator, 18Ft, Black - NR-BS702GKSA

    Out of stock
  48. Panasonic Side by Side Refrigerator, 18Ft, Dark Gray - NR-BS700MSSA

    Out of stock
  49. Panasonic Refrigerator, Single Door, 4.6ft, Black - NR-AF163SHSA

    Out of stock
  50. Panasonic OLED TV 55 inch smart, 4K UHD, HDR 10+ - TH-55HZ1000M

    Out of stock
  51. Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine, 8 kg, Dry 6kg, Silver

    Out of stock
  52. Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine, 7 kg, Dry 75%, White

    Out of stock
  53. Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine, 13.5 kg, Silver

    Out of stock
  54. Panasonic Window Air Conditioner 18000 BTU, Rotary, Cold

    Out of stock
  55. Panasonic Corded Telephone, Caller ID compatible, 10 speed dailer, dial lock, White - KX-TS889SUW

    Out of stock
  56. Panasonic Electric Hair trimming , Japan - ER217KS721

    Out of stock

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