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  1. MIDEA Gas Oven, 5 Burner Gas Including 1 Double Burner, 60x90 cm, Full Safety, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,069.00 Regular Price SAR2,899.00
  2. LG Top Load Washing Machine, 16kg, WiFi, Steam, Black

    Special Price SAR3,899.00 Regular Price SAR6,449.00
  3. Home Queen Dryer 8 kg condensing system, White

    Special Price SAR1,549.00 Regular Price SAR1,999.00
  4. Midea Dishwasher 12 Place, 6 Programs, White

    Special Price SAR1,177.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  5. LG QuadWash Dishwasher,14 Place, Steel

    Special Price SAR4,299.00 Regular Price SAR6,599.00
  6. Midea Dryer 12Kg, 12 Program, White

    Special Price SAR2,799.00 Regular Price SAR3,499.00
  7. Haier Washing Machine Front Load 9kg, Dry 75%, Inverter, Silver

    Special Price SAR2,049.00 Regular Price SAR3,299.00
  8. Home Queen Front Load Washing Machine 8Kg, Dry, Silver

    Special Price SAR1,649.00 Regular Price SAR2,799.00
  9. Samsung Washing Machine Front Load 16kg, White

    Special Price SAR5,899.00 Regular Price SAR9,999.00
  10. TCL Refrigerator Side by Side 2 Door, 21.2Ft, 600L, Silver

  11. Hisense Top Load Washing Machine 7kg, EE Label H, Gray

  12. Ariston Dishwasher 14 Place, 7 Programs, Inverter, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,514.00 Regular Price SAR3,409.00
  13. Samsung Washing Machine Front Load 9kg, 12 Program, Dryer 75%, Black

    Special Price SAR2,899.00 Regular Price SAR4,849.00
  14. Samsung Refrigerator 3 Door Side By Side, 21.2FT, 602L, Freezer, Black

    Special Price SAR6,599.00 Regular Price SAR12,399.00
  15. LG DUAL Inverter Dryer 9Kg, Auto Cleaning Condenser, White

    Special Price SAR4,299.00 Regular Price SAR7,149.00
  16. LG Refrigerators 2 Doors, 19.6 Ft, 553L, Inverter, Stainless Steel

    Special Price SAR4,099.00 Regular Price SAR7,399.00
  17. LG Electric Oven with Air Fry 65×76cm, Smart, Wi-Fi

    Special Price SAR5,499.00 Regular Price SAR8,999.00
  18. Samsung Refrigerator Side by Side 2 Door, 22.9FT, 647L, Silver

    Special Price SAR5,199.00 Regular Price SAR8,699.00
  19. Home Queen Top Load Washing Machine, 7.5 KG, Dryer 75%, White

    Special Price SAR1,099.00 Regular Price SAR1,349.00
  20. LG Dishwasher, 14 Place, 10 Programs, Wi-Fi, White

    Special Price SAR3,599.00 Regular Price SAR5,699.00
  21. Midea Front Load Washing Machine 12kg,16 Program, Drying 8kg, Steel

    Out of stock
  22. Samsung Dryer 8Kg, 17 Program, Black

    Out of stock
  23. LG Front Load Washing Machine 19kg, Dry 11kg, Steam, Silver

    Out of stock
  24. LG Front Load Washing Machines, 9 kg, Dryer 6kg, Wi-fi, White

    Out of stock
  25. LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher, 14 Place, 2 Levels, Inverter, Silver

    Out of stock

26 Items

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