Healthy Cooking Devices

A healthy diet depends on the preparation of healthy low-fat food.
We provide you with a variety of the most important healthy electrical appliances of air fryers, pressure cookers and rice cookers, and electric grills to prepare the most healthy low-fat food without effort and within a short time.


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  1. Nutricook Air Fryer 3 Vision 5.7 L, 1700 W, Black - NC-AF357V

    Special Price SAR599 Regular Price SAR849
  2. Nutricook Air Fryer Duo 6-in-1 Preset Programs, 8L, 2800W, Silver-Black - NCAF800

    Special Price SAR649 Regular Price SAR999
  3. Nutricook Air Fryer Without Oil 5.5 L, 1700 W, Full Touch Control - NC-AF205K

    Special Price SAR345 Regular Price SAR549
  4. Nutricook Air Fryer Mini 8 Preset Programs with Built-in Preheat Function, 3L, 1500W - NC-AF103R

    Special Price SAR219 Regular Price SAR449
  5. Philips Pressure Cooker All-in-1, 5L, 910-1090W, Rapid Pressure Release Tech - Black - HD2151/56

    Special Price SAR749 Regular Price SAR1,099
  6. Philips Digital Rice Cooker 1.8L, 940W, Smart 3D heating - White - HD4515/55

    Special Price SAR299 Regular Price SAR359
  7. Dots Air Fryer 4.5 L, 1500W - FRA-359

    Special Price SAR249 Regular Price SAR299
  8. Kenwood Pressure Cooker 14 in 1, 1000W, 6L, Digital Display, Gray - OWPCM60.000SS

    Special Price SAR299 Regular Price SAR499
  9. Nutricook Air Fryer Without Oil 5.5 L, 1700 W - NC-AF205

    Special Price SAR345 Regular Price SAR549
  10. NutriCook Smart Electric Pressure Cooker Pot - 6L,14 Program, 1000 W, Black - NC-SP204K

    Special Price SAR359 Regular Price SAR659
  11. Kenwood Air fryer, 3.8L, 1500W, Black

    Special Price SAR359 Regular Price SAR579
  12. Kenwood Air fryer, 5.5L ,1800W, Black - OWHFP50.000BK

    Special Price SAR459 Regular Price SAR699
  13. Nutricook Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 9 x 1 , 6 L, 1000W, 13 Setting - NC-SPEK6

    Special Price SAR329 Regular Price SAR459
  14. Kenwood 2x1 Sandwich Makers 1300W , White - OWSMP94.A0WH

    Special Price SAR299 Regular Price SAR379
  15. Hommer Pressure Cooker , 6 L , 1000 W , Accessories ,Steel/Black - HSA247-01

    Special Price SAR199 Regular Price SAR322
  16. Hommer Electric Grill, 1800 W - HSA206-04

    Special Price SAR149 Regular Price SAR299
  17. Delonghi Fryer, 1.7Kg - White - DLFH1396

    Special Price SAR1,799 Regular Price SAR1,899
  18. ATC Arabic Pressure Cooker 10L, 1400W To 1600W - H-APS3610L

  19. DeLonghi Fryer 1400W, 1.25L - DLFH2133.W

    Special Price SAR399 Regular Price SAR999
  20. Kenwood Health Gril 2000W - Silver- OWHG266006

    Special Price SAR299 Regular Price SAR429
  21. Kenwood Health BBQ Grill 1600W HG230, Black - OWHG230009

    Special Price SAR259 Regular Price SAR369
  22. Emjoi 1600W Oil-Free Sambosa Grill -UESM-018-– Black

    Special Price SAR99 Regular Price SAR229
  23. Philips Air Fryer 4.1L, 1400 W, Black - HD9200/90

    Out of stock
  24. PHILIPS Air fryer, 1.4 Kg, 2225W ,Black - HD9650/94

    Out of stock
  25. Philips Airfryer 2225W, 1400g XXL, 7.3L ,Twin Turbo Star Technology, Copper-Black - HD9863/94

    Out of stock
  26. Philips 5000 Series Connected Airfryer, 1200g, 6.2L, 2000W - Black-HD9280/90

    Out of stock
  27. Philips Air fryer 1.2 Kg, 6.2L, White - HD9270/20

    Out of stock
  28. Hommer Air Fryer, Black, 1400 Watts - HSA240-01

    Out of stock

28 Items

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