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  1. Glem Gas Built in Electric Oven 90cm, 79L, 9 Functions, Tangential cooling fan, Steel - F991XP

    Special Price SAR4,890.00 Regular Price SAR5,693.00
  2. Dots Electric Oven 60 L, 2000W - TOB-60RM

    Special Price SAR349.00 Regular Price SAR449.00
  3. Dots Microwave 1400W, 30L

    Special Price SAR399.00 Regular Price SAR549.00
  4. Dots Microwave 1500W, 43L - MOD-43L

    Special Price SAR449.00 Regular Price SAR699.00
  5. Hommer Electric Oven 2000W, 45L, Double Glass,100: 230°C, Black

    Special Price SAR299.00 Regular Price SAR399.00
  6. Samsung Microwave 23L, 800W-1300W, Ceramic Inside - Black

    Special Price SAR479.00 Regular Price SAR899.00
  7. Hommer Electric Oven 2200W, 60L, Double Glass, 100 : 230 °C, Black - HSA226-07

    Special Price SAR389.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  8. Toshiba Microwave , 42L, 8 preparatory programs ,Digital Control - ML-EG42PBB BS

    Special Price SAR699.00 Regular Price SAR999.00
  9. Kenwood Microwave with Grill, 42L, 1000W ,Digital Control, Black- OWMWM42.000BK

    Special Price SAR849.00 Regular Price SAR949.00
  10. Kenwood Microwave 900W, 30L, Grill 1000W, Black- OWMWM30.000BK

    Special Price SAR699.00 Regular Price SAR879.00
  11. Midea Microwave 30 Liter Oven with Grill, 900 W, Digital Menu, Disc 315 mm - EG930AHM

    Special Price SAR499.00 Regular Price SAR599.00
  12. White Westing House Microwave 25 Liter, 900 Watts, Digital, Air Fryer, Convection function, Steel - WMW25VAF

    Special Price SAR399.00 Regular Price SAR699.00
  13. LG Microwave 39 Liter 850:1150 Watt, Healthy Cooking, Even Heating , Steel - MJ-3965ACS

    Special Price SAR1,149.00 Regular Price SAR2,499.00
  14. Midea solo Microwave Oven 20L, 1150W, White - MM720CPK

    Special Price SAR249.00 Regular Price SAR321.00
  15. HOMMER Microwave Oven 23L, 800 W, Quick Start, Black - HSA409-07

    Special Price SAR339.00 Regular Price SAR454.00
  16. Hommer Microwave Oven Digital 28L.T, 900W - HSA409-08

    Special Price SAR389.00 Regular Price SAR509.00
  17. LG MICROWAVE NeoChef , 56L , 1200W - MS5696HIT

    Special Price SAR799.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  18. LG 42 Liter Neo Chef Inverter Microwave - MS4295CIS

    Special Price SAR729.00 Regular Price SAR1,199.00
  19. Midea Microwave 20L, 700W, Digital, White - EM720CFF

    Special Price SAR279.00 Regular Price SAR343.00
  20. Midea Microwave, 42L ,1100 W ,Silver - EG142AWIS

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR699.00
  21. LG NeoChef Microwave Oven 42L, 1200W, Black

    Special Price SAR679.00 Regular Price SAR1,149.00
  22. LG NeoChef Microwave Oven, 25L, 1000W, Black

    Special Price SAR529.00 Regular Price SAR949.00
  23. LG 20 Litres Solo Microwave Oven with EasyClean™- MS2042DB

    Special Price SAR399.00 Regular Price SAR709.00
  24. LG Grill” NeoChef Microwave Oven 25L , Smart Inverter ,BLACK - MH6595DIS

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR1,099.00
  25. LG Neochef Microwave 25L , White , MS2535GISW

    Special Price SAR499.00 Regular Price SAR899.00
  26. PANASONIC Microwaves 32L, 1000W, Made in China, Silver- NN-ST67JSSTM

    Special Price SAR699.00 Regular Price SAR930.00
  27. Dots Electric Oven 45L, 2000W, Black

    Out of stock
  28. Dots Electric Oven 60 L, 2200W, Steel - TOS-60RML

    Out of stock
  29. Dots Electric Oven 100L, 2800W, Grill

    Out of stock
  30. Toshiba Microwave 20 Liter, 700 W, White - MW-MM20PB(WH)

    Out of stock
  31. Hommer Microwave Oven 42L, 1100 W, 7 Program, Grill 1200W - HSA409-09

    Out of stock
  32. Kenwood Microwave, 20 L, 700 W, 5 Power Levels, White - OWMWM20.000WH

    Out of stock
  33. Luna Electric Oven 100 Liter, 2800 W

    Out of stock
  34. Nutricook Smart Air Fryer Oven, 30 L, 1800 W, Multifunction, Steel - NC-SAF030

    Out of stock
  35. LG Ceramic Free standing Electric Oven 76x65 cm, 5 Hobs, True convection, Bake Heater - LRE3193ST

    Out of stock
  36. Luna Electric Oven 2800W, 120 L, Grill, Timer - LEO-120

    Out of stock
  37. KENWOOD Electric Oven and Air Fryer 11L, 2000W, Black

    Out of stock
  38. ATC Electric Oven 2000W, 45 L, Grill Set, 1.1 Wire - H-O45DG

    Out of stock
  39. Toshiba Microwave 25 Liter, 900 Watts, Digital Control, 9 Programs, Black - MM-EG25PB(BK)

    Out of stock
  40. Hommer electric Oven, 23 Liters, 1700 Watt, Air fryer 23 L - HSA226-05

    Out of stock
  41. Hommer Electric Double Hot Plate, 2500 W - HSA220-02

    Out of stock
  42. Hommer Microwave 700W, 20L, Steel

    Out of stock
  43. ATC Electric Oven2400W , 90 Liter- H-O90BR

    Out of stock
  44. ARISTON Microwave Built-In, 900W, 25L, Steel

    Out of stock
  45. LG Microwave NeoChef 42L, Smart Inverter ,SILVER - MH8265CIS

    Out of stock
  46. ATC Electric Oven with Grill, 45 L, 2000 W, Timer 0:60 M, Temperature control 100:250 , LED Light, Glass Goor - H-O45BT

    Out of stock
  47. Emjoi Power 2200W, 60L Electric Oven, Black - UETO-60RC

    Out of stock

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