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  1. Dots Fruits and Citrus Juicer - JCD-218

    Special Price SAR129.00 Regular Price SAR149.00
  2. Philips 3000 Series Blender 450W, ProBlend system, 1.9L - White

    Special Price SAR119.00 Regular Price SAR189.00
  3. Philips ProMix Hand Blender 800W, Speed Touch Technology - Black-Steel

    Special Price SAR379.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  4. Dots Juicer 400W, 500ml, 2 Speed, Stainless Steel - JCD-613

    Special Price SAR159.00 Regular Price SAR199.00
  5. Midea Fruit juicer 450W, Bowl Juice 1.25 L, 2 Speed, Plastic and steel base - MJ45JM01A

    Special Price SAR229.00 Regular Price SAR349.00
  6. Braun Citrus juicer 20 W - CJ3000

  7. KENWOOD Fruit Juicer 800W, Full Apple Squeeze, Three Speeds, Black - OWJEM02.AOBK

    Special Price SAR329.00 Regular Price SAR469.00
  8. KENWOOD Fruit Juicer 700W, Apex Seed Disinfection System, Squeeze 1.5L, 2 speeds, White - OWJE730001

  9. ATC Citrus Juicer, 40W, 1L, 230V

    Special Price SAR43.00 Regular Price SAR86.00
  10. Braun Identity Collection Spin juicer 2L, 800W - Black

    Special Price SAR589.00 Regular Price SAR729.00
  11. Kenwood Citrus juicer 40W, 1L, White

    Special Price SAR99.00 Regular Price SAR139.00
  12. ATC Centrifugal Juice Extractor, 850W, Multi Color

    Special Price SAR139.00 Regular Price SAR285.00
  13. BRAUN Fruit Juice Extractor 1.25L, 1000W, 2 Speeds, Extra Jug, Gray - J700

  14. HOMMER Orange and Citrus Juicer, cup is included with, 500 ml

    Special Price SAR129.00 Regular Price SAR219.00
  15. Kenwood Centrifugal, 700W, 2L, 2 Speeds, Silver

    Special Price SAR499.00 Regular Price SAR574.00
  16. Kenwood Smoothie Maker 300 W, 2 beaker 0.5 L , 2 Speed - OWSB056001

    Out of stock
  17. Kenwood Citrus Juicer 60W, 1 L, 2 way rotation - OWJE297001

    Out of stock
  18. ATC Fruit juicer 400W, 450ml, 2 Speeds

    Out of stock
  19. PHILIPS Juicer ,1200 watts, XXL feeding tube, Easy to clean , Gray - HR1922/21

    Out of stock
  20. PHILIPS Juicer, 700 watts , One speed - HR1863-05

    Out of stock
  21. Kenwood 240W Slow Juicer, 240W, 1.5L

    Out of stock

21 Items

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