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  1. Glem Gas Built in Electric Oven 90cm, 79L, 9 Functions, Tangential cooling fan, Steel - F991XP

    Special Price SAR4,709.00 Regular Price SAR5,693.00
  2. Dots Electric Oven 60 L, 2000W - TOB-60RM

  3. Dots Microwave 1500W, 43L - MOD-43L

  4. Toshiba Microwave 20 Liter, 700 W, Black - MW-MM20PB(BK

    Special Price SAR289.00 Regular Price SAR319.00
  5. Toshiba Microwave 20 Liter, 700 W, White - MW-MM20PB(WH)

    Special Price SAR279.00 Regular Price SAR319.00
  6. Hommer Electric Oven 2200W, 60L, Double Glass, 100 : 230 °C, Black - HSA226-07

    Special Price SAR359.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  7. Hommer Microwave Oven 42L, 1100 W, 7 Program, Grill 1200W - HSA409-09

    Special Price SAR499.00 Regular Price SAR649.00
  8. Kenwood Microwave, 20 L, 700 W, 5 Power Levels, White - OWMWM20.000WH

  9. Kenwood Electric Oven 70L, 2200W, Grill with Fan, Gray

  10. Luna Electric Oven 80 Liter, Grill - LEO-80RL

  11. Nutricook Smart Air Fryer Oven, 30 L, 1800 W, Multifunction, Steel - NC-SAF030

    Special Price SAR699.00 Regular Price SAR899.00
  12. Sharp Microwave 34 Litres, Stainless steel, 60 Hz - R-77AS ST

    Special Price SAR499.00 Regular Price SAR599.00
  13. Toshiba Microwave , 42L, 8 preparatory programs ,Digital Control - ML-EG42PBB BS

    Special Price SAR799.00 Regular Price SAR999.00
  14. Kenwood Microwave with Grill, 42L, 1000W ,Digital Control, Black- OWMWM42.000BK

    Special Price SAR869.00 Regular Price SAR949.00
  15. Luna Electric Oven 2800W, 120 L, Grill, Timer - LEO-120

  16. ATC Electric Oven 2000W, 60 L, Grill Set, 1.1 Wire - H-O60DG

  17. ATC Electric Oven 2000W, 45 L, Grill Set, 1.1 Wire - H-O45DG

  18. Toshiba Microwave 25 Liter, 900 Watts, Digital Control, 9 Programs, Black - MM-EG25PB(BK)

    Special Price SAR499.00 Regular Price SAR679.00
  19. White Westing House Microwave 25 Liter, 900 Watts, Digital, Air Fryer, Convection function, Steel - WMW25VAF

    Special Price SAR499.00 Regular Price SAR799.00
  20. Toshiba Microwave 23 Liter, 900 Watts, Digital Control, 8 Programs, China, White- MM-EM23PB(WH)

    Special Price SAR399.00 Regular Price SAR549.00
  21. LG Microwave 39 Liter 850:1150 Watt, Healthy Cooking, Even Heating , Steel - MJ-3965ACS

    Special Price SAR1,199.00 Regular Price SAR2,499.00
  22. Midea solo Microwave Oven 20L, 1150W, White - MM720CPK

    Special Price SAR249.00 Regular Price SAR321.00
  23. Hommer Electric Double Hot Plate, 2500 W - HSA220-02

    Special Price SAR119.00 Regular Price SAR144.00
  24. HOMMER Microwave Oven 23L, 800 W, Quick Start, Black - HSA409-07

    Special Price SAR369.00 Regular Price SAR454.00
  25. Hommer Microwave Oven Digital 28L.T, 900W - HSA409-08

    Special Price SAR399.00 Regular Price SAR509.00
  26. LG MICROWAVE NeoChef , 56L , 1200W - MS5696HIT

    Special Price SAR849.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  27. LG 42 Liter Neo Chef Inverter Microwave - MS4295CIS

    Special Price SAR779.00 Regular Price SAR1,199.00
  28. Midea Microwave 20L, 700W, Digital, White - EM720CFF

    Special Price SAR259.00 Regular Price SAR343.00
  29. Midea Microwave, 42L ,1100 W ,Silver - EG142AWIS

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR699.00
  30. LG 42L NeoChef™ Smog Microwave Oven with Smart Inverte, Black - MS4295DIS

    Special Price SAR679.00 Regular Price SAR1,149.00
  31. LG 25L NeoChef™ Black Microwave Oven with Smart Inverter-MS2535GIS

    Special Price SAR549.00 Regular Price SAR949.00
  32. LG 20 Litres Solo Microwave Oven with EasyClean™- MS2042DB

    Special Price SAR419.00 Regular Price SAR709.00
  33. LG Microwave - NeoChef 42L, Smart Inverter ,SILVER-MH8265CIS

    Special Price SAR799.00 Regular Price SAR1,399.00
  34. LG Grill” NeoChef Microwave Oven 25L , Smart Inverter ,BLACK - MH6595DIS

    Special Price SAR669.00 Regular Price SAR1,099.00
  35. LG Neochef Microwave 25L , White , MS2535GISW

    Special Price SAR519.00 Regular Price SAR899.00
  36. Dots Electric Oven 45 L, 2000W, Black - TOB-45R

    Out of stock
  37. Dots Electric Oven 60 L, 2200W, Steel - TOS-60RML

    Out of stock
  38. Dots Electric Oven 100L, 2800W, Grill

    Out of stock
  39. Dots Microwave 1400W, 30L - MOD-30L

    Out of stock
  40. Luna Electric Oven 100 Liter, 2800 W

    Out of stock
  41. LG Ceramic Free standing Electric Oven 76x65 cm, 5 Hobs, True convection, Bake Heater - LRE3193ST

    Out of stock
  42. Kenwood Microwave 20L, 800 W, 5 Setting Levels, White - owmwm100

    Out of stock
  43. KENWOOD Electric Oven and Air Fryer 11 Liter, 2000W, Accessories 3 Grills, Roasting Pan, Chicken Grill, Rotating Basket, Black - OWHFP90.000BK

    Out of stock
  44. Midea Microwave 30 Liter Oven with Grill, 900 W, Digital Menu, Disc 315 mm - EG930AHM

    Out of stock
  45. Hommer electric Oven, 23 Liters, 1700 Watt, Air fryer 23 L - HSA226-05

    Out of stock
  46. Hommer Microwave 700W, 20L, Steel

    Out of stock
  47. ATC Electric Oven2400W , 90 Liter- H-O90BR

    Out of stock
  48. ARISTON Microwave Built-In, 900W, 25L, Steel

    Out of stock
  49. BEKO 2 Plate Built in Electric Hob 30 cm ,2 Burners , Stone , Silver - HDCE32200X

    Out of stock

52 Items

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