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  1. Bissell Handheld Spot Cleaner, 330W, Dual Tank System

  2. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Duck 1800 W, 6 L, Red - CV-BA18BRE

  3. BISSELL Turbo Brush Power Brush deep carpet cleaner 600W - 2889K

  4. Hoover Platinum Stand Brush & Wash Carpet Cleaner,1200W, Tank 3.5 L, - CWKTH012

    Special Price SAR1,399.00 Regular Price SAR1,799.00
  5. Hoover Carpet & Hard Floor Washer 1350ًW - F5916901

    Special Price SAR999.00 Regular Price SAR1,459.00
  6. Bissell Upright Deep Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner, 800W

  7. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Drum, 2300W, 21L

    Special Price SAR1,049.00 Regular Price SAR1,199.00
  8. Rating:

    Hoover Carpet Washer Power Scrub Elite, 1200W - CWGDH012

    Special Price SAR1,099.00 Regular Price SAR1,699.00
  9. Hoover Cordless Portable Carpet Washer, White - CLCW-MSM

  10. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner 18L, 2000W, Gray - CV-945F SS220 PG

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR700.00
  11. Bissell Vertical Featherweight 2-in-1 Lightweight Vacuum, 500L , 450W, Black/Blue - 2024E

  12. Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 1800W, 1.5 L, EPA 10 filter - FC9350/61

    Special Price SAR419.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  13. Bissell PowerWash Premier Upright Carpet Cleaner, 800 W, Clean 5.6 L - 1456E

  14. Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2000W, Allergy H13 filter

    Special Price SAR559.00 Regular Price SAR759.00
  15. Hoover Smart Wash Carpet Cleaner 1200W, Automatic, Tank 3.5L - CDCW-SWME

  16. Hitachi Vaccum Cleaner 21L.T, 2200W, ,Black - CV-960F SS220 BK

    Special Price SAR799.00 Regular Price SAR817.00
  17. Philips Vacuum Cleaner 1800W, 3 L, Super Clean Air Filter - FC8293/61

    Special Price SAR339.00 Regular Price SAR399.00
  18. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner 2300 Watt, 6 L , Japan, Gray - CV-BD230VJ

    Special Price SAR999.00 Regular Price SAR1,199.00
  19. HOMMER Vacuum cleaner, barrel, 1600W, 18L , with dust indicator, HSA211-07

  20. Hitachi Drum Vaccum Cleaner ,7.5 L.T, 1300 W, Gray - CV-100G SS220 PG

    Special Price SAR399.00 Regular Price SAR466.00
  21. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner 2000 W, 6.5 L, Blue - CV-W2000 SS220 SB

  22. Bissell Vertical Crosswave Advanced Pro, 560W, Tank 0.62:0.82 L - 2223E

  23. Hitachi Cleaner Vaccum 21L.T, 2200W, ,Gray - CV-960F SS220 PG

    Special Price SAR799.00 Regular Price SAR817.00
  24. Bissell Steam Shot handheld steamer 1050W, 0.36 L, Black - 2635E

  25. Bissell Vac and Steam Vacuum Cleaner, 1600 W, 400ml , Titanium / Blue - 1977E

  26. Bissell Powerfresh Slim 3 In 1 Steam Mop 1500 Watts, 350ml Water Tank, Blue - 2233E

  27. Midea Vacuum 2200W-23L Drum Cleaner - VTD21A14TB

  28. Bissell CROSSWAVE 560W, Multi-Surface Corded Cleaner for Floors,Carpet with Self Cleaning - 1713

  29. Philips Bagged vacuum cleaner, 2000W, 3L, Super Clean Air filter - XD3010/61

    Special Price SAR399.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  30. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Duck 2000 W, 6.5 L, Red - CV-W2000 SS220 RR

  31. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner 18L , 2000W ,Black - CV-945F SS220 BK

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR700.00
  32. Bissell CROSSWAVE CORDLESS MAX 36V, Self Cleaning

  33. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner, 1800W, 5L - Silver - CV-W1800 SS220 SI

  34. Bissell MultiClean Drum Vacuum Wet & Dry 23L, 1500 W, Wire 6 m - 2026K

  35. Bissell Cleanview Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2000W, 2.2Liter, Black/Red - 1994K

  36. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner 18L , 2000W ,Red - CV-945F SS220 WR

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR700.00
  37. Midea Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner- VTW21A15T

  38. HITACHI vacuum canister , flat, 1600 watt - CV-W1600 SS220 WR

  39. HITACHI Vacuum Cleaner 2200 Watt, 23 Liter, Thailand - CV-980D GB

    Special Price SAR949.00 Regular Price SAR991.00
  40. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner, 1700W, 4L, Malaysia - MC-CG525R747

  41. Bissell Smart Clean Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2000W, 2L, Black

  42. Bissell HydroWave Ultralight Carpet Cleaner, 1.7 L - 2571K

  43. ATC Vaccum Cleaner 18 Liter, 1800 Watts, 50/60Hz, Black/Gold - H-VC950

  44. Atc Vaccum Cleaner 21 Liter, 2000 Watts ,Gold - H-VC970

  45. Bissell Multi Surface Cleaner and Polishing, 1 L - 1789J


  47. Bissell Wireless Omni Stick Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner 0.4 L, 25.2 Volts - 2602H

  48. Kenwood Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2200 W, 3.5 L, Red - OWVBP80.000RG

  49. Hitachi Vacuum 1800W ,6L.T Cleaner ,White- (CV-BA18 SS220 PWH)

    Special Price SAR549.00 Regular Price SAR699.00
  50. Platinum Drum Vacuum Cleaner 18L with Dust Indicator, 2000W, Constant speed - VC-1820

    Special Price SAR329.00 Regular Price SAR399.00
  51. Platinum Drum Vacuum Cleaner 21L with Dust Indicator, 2200W, Innovative design - VC-2122

    Special Price SAR379.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  52. Black&Decker Multicyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 1880W, Purple - VM1880-B5

    Special Price SAR249.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  53. Bissell Dry Drum Vacuum Cleaner 21L, 2000W, Tank Full Alert - 2027E

  54. Bissell Smart Clean Power Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, 2000W, 2L - 2229E

  55. Midea Drum Vacuum Cleaner 1800 W, 18 L, Solid Body - VTD18A1

  56. Bissell Spot & Stain Cleaner 1 L - 1084N

  57. Bissell Carpet washing and protection solution 1.5 L - 1086K

  58. Hoover 1900W Drum Type Vacuum Cleaner ,Red - HT87-T1-S

  59. HOMMER Vacuum Cleaner Barrel, 1400W Easily aspirates solid dust and liquids , Compact and lightweight design for easy portability - HSA211-08

  60. Bissell SpotClean Pro Carpet Cleaner 750W, Water Tank 2.9L - 1558E

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  61. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2300W, 21 L.T, Multi Color , Malaysia - MC-YL798N747

    Out of stock
  62. Bissell Premium Power Clean Professional ,1500 W, 21 Litre ,Wet and Dry Canister Vacuum Cleaner - 2026E

    Out of stock
  63. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, 2100 W ,20 L.T - HT87-T2-S

    Out of stock
  64. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner ,1900W, 6L Capacity, Red - MC-CJ911R747

    Out of stock
  65. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2200W, 21 L.T, Multi Color , Malaysia - MC-YL788R747

    Out of stock
  66. Hoover Bare Floor Pro STEAM Cleaner ,1600 Watt - HS86-SFC-S

    Out of stock
  67. Bissell Carpet Cleaning Formula Wash and Refresh Natural Orange , 1.5 Liter , 1146K

    Out of stock
  68. Hommer Vacuum Cleaner Barrel, 25 L, 1600:2000 Watts - HSA211-11

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  69. Panasonic Electric Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 2500W ,6L

    Out of stock
  70. Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2100W, 18 L.T, Multi Color , Malaysia - MC-YL778A747

    Out of stock
  71. Hoover Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 18L ,1900W, Red - HT87-T1-ME

    Out of stock
  72. Hoover Drum Vacuum Cleaner 2300W, 22L, Blue - HT85-T3-ME

    Out of stock
  73. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner 2200W, 3L, Black/Red - CDCY-P6ME

    Out of stock
  74. Hoover Duck Vacuum Cleaner 2400W, 4L, Circular Suction Technology - HC84-P7A-ME

    Out of stock
  75. Samsung Canister Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 1800W, 1.5L - VC18M2120SB/YL

    Out of stock
  76. Dots Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2200W, 25 L, Red

    Out of stock
  77. Kenwood Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2200W, 25L, Removable filter

    Out of stock
  78. Kenwood Drum Vacuum Cleaner, 2000 W, 20 L, Telescopic Metal Handle - OWVDM40.000BR

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