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    Samsung Refrigerator 2 Door,18.5Ft, 528L, DTI Compressor, Silver

    Special Price SAR3,999.00 Regular Price SAR6,799.00
  2. Mando Plus Split Air Conditioner, 18000BTU, Energy saver, Cold

    Special Price SAR2,149.00 Regular Price SAR2,749.00
  3. Bissell Handheld Spot Cleaner, 330W, Dual Tank System

  4. Maytag Top Load Washing Machine 12kg, 9 Programs, White

    Special Price SAR3,127.00 Regular Price SAR3,419.00
  5. ARRQW 65 inch LED TV, Smart, 4K UHD, Android

    Special Price SAR1,649.00 Regular Price SAR2,999.00
  6. Dansat TV 50 inch LED, Smart ,4K

    Special Price SAR899.00 Regular Price SAR1,799.00
  7. Dansat TV 65 inch LED, Smart, Ultra HD

    Special Price SAR1,549.00 Regular Price SAR2,499.00
  8. Midea Dishwasher 12 Place, 2 Level, 6 Programs, half load, Steel

    Special Price SAR1,314.00 Regular Price SAR1,719.00
  9. Midea Dishwasher 12 Place, 6 Programs, White

    Special Price SAR1,177.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  10. Dots Stand Mixer From 600W To 1300W, 6.5 L.T - MXR-65L

  11. Mando plus Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU, Energy saver, Cool - Hot

    Special Price SAR2,299.00 Regular Price SAR2,849.00
  12. Dots Standing Water Dispenser, 2 Spigots, Cold - Hot, White

  13. BISSELL Turbo Brush Power Brush deep carpet cleaner 600W - 2889K

  14. Midea Split Air Conditioner 22000 BTU, Energy saver, Cooling

    Special Price SAR2,849.00 Regular Price SAR4,042.00
  15. Platinum Steam Press Iron, 2200W, 40 inch, Stand Gift, White

    Special Price SAR1,799.00 Regular Price SAR1,999.00
  16. Gree Split Air Conditioner Polar 11600 BTU, Energy saver, Cooling

    Special Price SAR1,899.00 Regular Price SAR2,500.00
  17. Apple AirPods 2, USB Charging Case, White

    Special Price SAR469.00 Regular Price SAR599.00
  18. Delonghi Coffee Maker Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, 15 Bar, 1350W, Steel

  19. LG Split Air Conditioner 21500 BTU, Smart, Cooling

    Special Price SAR3,689.00 Regular Price SAR5,449.00
  20. Bissell Carpet washing and protection solution 1.5 L - 1086K

  21. LG Dishwasher,14 Place, Smart, Silver

    Special Price SAR3,799.00 Regular Price SAR6,099.00
  22. PHILIPS Air fryer, 1.4 Kg, 2225W ,Black

    Special Price SAR999.00 Regular Price SAR1,609.00
  23. Bissell Upright Deep Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner, 800W

  24. Samsung 58 Inch TV LED, Smart, Crystal Processor 4K

    Special Price SAR2,899.00 Regular Price SAR4,699.00
  25. Midea Front Load Washing Machine,10 kg,14 Program, Drying 100%, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,412.00 Regular Price SAR3,799.00
  26. Hoover Carpet & Hard Floor Washer 1350ًW - F5916901

    Special Price SAR999.00 Regular Price SAR1,459.00
  27. LG Top Load Washing Machine 24Kg, WiFi, Black Steel

    Special Price SAR5,399.00 Regular Price SAR9,899.00
  28. Hoover Platinum Stand Brush & Wash Carpet Cleaner,1200W, Tank 3.5 L, - CWKTH012

    Special Price SAR1,399.00 Regular Price SAR1,799.00
  29. LG Split Air Conditioner, 18000BTU, Inverter, Smart, Cold

    Special Price SAR3,089.00 Regular Price SAR4,549.00
  30. LG QuadWash Dishwasher,14 Place, Steel

    Special Price SAR4,299.00 Regular Price SAR6,599.00
  31. Rating:

    Hoover Carpet Washer Power Scrub Elite, 1200W - CWGDH012

    Special Price SAR1,099.00 Regular Price SAR1,699.00
  32. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 6.6 inche, 256GB, 8GB, 5G, White

    Special Price SAR3,599.00 Regular Price SAR4,149.00
  33. Home Queen Dryer 8 kg condensing system, White

    Special Price SAR1,549.00 Regular Price SAR1,999.00
  34. Sony sound Bar 2ch Single Soundbar with Bluetooth® technology | HT-S100F

    Special Price SAR369.00 Regular Price SAR449.00
  35. HOMMER FOOD PROCESSOR, 600W, 1.2L, 22 functions

  36. MagicBullet 900W Fruit Blender, With 10 Multi Sizes Pieces For Juice & Nuts, Gold - NB9-1012

    Special Price SAR349.00 Regular Price SAR631.00
  37. Hommer Microwave Oven 42L, 1100 W, 7 Program, Grill 1200W - HSA409-09

  38. Elba Electric Oven Built in 60cm, 9 function, Thermal fan, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,199.00 Regular Price SAR2,299.00
  39. Mando plus Split Air Conditioner, 28000BTU, Energy saver, Cold Only

    Special Price SAR3,399.00 Regular Price SAR4,299.00
  40. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Drum, 2300W, 21L

    Special Price SAR1,049.00 Regular Price SAR1,199.00
  41. Luxell Electric Heater, 4 Quartz tube , 2200 W

    Special Price SAR259.00 Regular Price SAR299.00
  42. SAMSUNG LED TV 75 Inch, Smart, 4K, UHD

    Special Price SAR4,599.00 Regular Price SAR7,999.00
  43. Samsung Galaxy 2021 S21 Ultra , 6.8 inch ,256GB , 12GB RAM, 5G - Phantom Silver

  44. Kenwood Kitchen Machine Prospero, 4.3 L, 1000 W, Silver - KHC29.B0SI

  45. KUMTEL Electrical Heater, 5 Tubes, 2500W, White

    Special Price SAR239.00 Regular Price SAR279.00
  46. LG NeoChef Microwave Oven 42L, 1200W, Black

    Special Price SAR729.00 Regular Price SAR1,149.00
  47. Midea Dishwasher 15 Place, 8 Programs, Silver

    Special Price SAR2,089.00 Regular Price SAR2,749.00
  48. Mando Chest Freezer,13.4Ft, 380L, White

    Special Price SAR1,399.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  49. Midea Front load Washing Machine 10kg,14 Program, Drying 75%, Steel

    Special Price SAR1,934.00 Regular Price SAR2,689.00
  50. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020), 10.4", 4G LTE, 3GB RAM, 32GB, Gray)- SM-T505

  51. Sony TV 65 Inch, Smart, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Android

    Special Price SAR3,499.00 Regular Price SAR7,999.00
  52. DeLonghi Coffee Maker,Power of 15 bar, 1300 Watts - Black - DLEC685.BK

  53. MagicBullet 400W Fruit Blender, With 6 pcs multi size pieces for juice and nuts, Steel - NB4-0612

    Special Price SAR149.00 Regular Price SAR206.00
  54. Hoover Cordless Portable Carpet Washer, White - CLCW-MSM

  55. Midea Tumble Dryer Front Load, 8 Kg ,Condensor Dryier, Steel

    Special Price SAR1,647.00 Regular Price SAR2,289.00
  56. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner 18L, 2000W, Gray - CV-945F SS220 PG

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR700.00
  57. Kenwood Kitchen Machine 4.3L, 1000W, Prospero, OWKHC29.A0SI

  58. Elba Chimney hood 90 cm , 1000 m³/h , Pyramid shape , Carbon Filter, Steel - 90-PLATINUM1000

    Special Price SAR1,349.00 Regular Price SAR1,449.00
  59. Philips Air Fryer 4.1L, 1400 W, Black

    Special Price SAR389.00 Regular Price SAR599.00
  60. MagicBullet Smoothie Maker, 600 W, 6 pc Set, Grey - NBR-0812M

    Special Price SAR269.00 Regular Price SAR401.00
  61. Haier Refrigerator Side by Side 2 doors, 17.8ft, 504L, inverter, Gray

    Special Price SAR3,299.00 Regular Price SAR5,999.00
  62. HAIER Sound Bar Bluetooth, 74DB+3DB, 60W - HSD3A040B

  63. Elba Hob Gas Oven Built in 5 Burner, 90 cm, Triple Burner, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,249.00 Regular Price SAR2,349.00
  64. Kumtel Electric Heater, 3 Candles, 2000W, Temperature Control, Black

    Special Price SAR219.00 Regular Price SAR259.00
  65. Dots Electric Heater, 6 tube, 3 heat settings, 2000 W

    Special Price SAR189.00 Regular Price SAR299.00
  66. Philips Air Purifier Series 8000 - AC0819/90

    Special Price SAR649.00 Regular Price SAR799.00
  67. White Westinghouse Freezer, 21FT, 595L, Steel

    Special Price SAR3,499.00 Regular Price SAR4,999.00
  68. Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 1800W, 1.5 L, EPA 10 filter - FC9350/61

    Special Price SAR419.00 Regular Price SAR499.00
  69. Elba Built-in dishwasher, 60cm, 10 programs, full dressing, steel

    Special Price SAR2,849.00 Regular Price SAR3,105.00
  70. LG MICROWAVE NeoChef , 56L , 1200W - MS5696HIT

    Special Price SAR849.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  71. Sony 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theater System with Bluetooth , 400W, Black - HT-S20R

  72. LG Refrigerators 2 Doors, 19.6 Ft, 553L, Inverter, Stainless Steel

    Special Price SAR4,099.00 Regular Price SAR7,399.00
  73. Philips Stand Steamer 1600 W, 2 steam settings - GC482/26

    Special Price SAR299.00 Regular Price SAR339.00
  74. Hommer Water Dispenser Stand, Hot - Cold, Steel

  75. LG Refrigerator 2 Doors, 20.9Ft, Top Freezer, Inverter, Silver

    Special Price SAR4,599.00 Regular Price SAR7,699.00
  76. Apple iPad 9 10.2-inch, 256 GB, Wi-Fi, Space Grey - MK2N3AB/A

    Special Price SAR2,099.00 Regular Price SAR2,399.00
  77. Ariston Gas Cooker, 5 burner & Grill, Steel

    Special Price SAR3,537.00 Regular Price SAR4,149.00
  78. Midea Dishwasher 15 Place, 8 Programs, Silver

    Special Price SAR1,767.00 Regular Price SAR2,239.00
  79. LG 50 inch TV, LED, Smart, 4K UHD, HDR

    Special Price SAR2,699.00 Regular Price SAR4,549.00
  80. Elba Built in Microwave 34 Litres cavity, Stainless steel, Digital display - LUX34

    Special Price SAR1,799.00 Regular Price SAR1,899.00

Items 1-80 of 1067

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