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    Samsung Refrigerator 2 Door,18.5Ft, 528L, DTI Compressor, Silver

    Special Price SAR3,999.00 Regular Price SAR6,799.00
  2. PHILIPS Air fryer, 1.4 Kg, 2225W ,Black

    Special Price SAR999.00 Regular Price SAR1,609.00
  3. Hommer Microwave Oven 42L, 1100 W, 7 Program, Grill 1200W - HSA409-09

  4. HOMMER FOOD PROCESSOR, 600W, 1.2L, 22 functions

  5. MagicBullet 900W Fruit Blender, With 10 Multi Sizes Pieces For Juice & Nuts, Gold - NB9-1012

    Special Price SAR349.00 Regular Price SAR631.00
  6. MagicBullet 400W Fruit Blender, With 6 pcs multi size pieces for juice and nuts, Steel - NB4-0612

    Special Price SAR149.00 Regular Price SAR206.00
  7. LG NeoChef Microwave Oven 42L, 1200W, Black

    Special Price SAR729.00 Regular Price SAR1,149.00
  8. LG 42 Liter Neo Chef Inverter Microwave - MS4295CIS

    Special Price SAR799.00 Regular Price SAR1,199.00
  9. Kenwood Kitchen Machine 4.3L, 1000W, Prospero, OWKHC29.A0SI

  10. MagicBullet Smoothie Maker, 600 W, 6 pc Set, Grey - NBR-0812M

    Special Price SAR269.00 Regular Price SAR401.00
  11. LG NeoChef Microwave Oven, 25L, 1000W, Black

    Special Price SAR599.00 Regular Price SAR949.00
  12. Kenwood Kitchen Machine Prospero, 4.3 L, 1000 W, Silver - KHC29.B0SI

  13. Haier Refrigerator Side by Side 2 doors, 17.8ft, 504L, inverter, Gray

    Special Price SAR3,299.00 Regular Price SAR5,999.00
  14. White Westinghouse Freezer, 21FT, 595L, Steel

    Special Price SAR3,499.00 Regular Price SAR4,999.00
  15. Mando Chest Freezer,13.4Ft, 380L, White

    Special Price SAR1,399.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  16. Philips Air Fryer 4.1L, 1400 W, Black

    Special Price SAR389.00 Regular Price SAR599.00
  17. LG MICROWAVE NeoChef , 56L , 1200W - MS5696HIT

    Special Price SAR849.00 Regular Price SAR1,599.00
  18. LG Refrigerators 2 Doors, 19.6 Ft, 553L, Inverter, Stainless Steel

    Special Price SAR4,099.00 Regular Price SAR7,399.00
  19. Ariston Gas Cooker, 5 burner & Grill, Steel

    Special Price SAR3,537.00 Regular Price SAR4,149.00
  20. Midea Elertic Ceramic Hob 60 cm, 4 Burner, 9 Temperature Level ,Black

    Special Price SAR1,329.00 Regular Price SAR1,799.00
  21. Elba Hob Gas Oven Built in 5 Burner, 90 cm, Triple Burner, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,249.00 Regular Price SAR2,349.00
  22. LG Refrigerator 2 Doors, 20.9Ft, Top Freezer, Inverter, Silver

    Special Price SAR4,599.00 Regular Price SAR7,699.00
  23. LG 1 Door Freezer 11.4 Ft, Smart, Ice Maker, Silver

    Special Price SAR4,099.00 Regular Price SAR6,699.00
  24. Midea solo Microwave Oven 20L, 1150W, White - MM720CPK

  25. Midea Electric Oven Built in 90 cm, 96 L, Digital Screen,10 function, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,919.00 Regular Price SAR4,099.00
  26. Kenwood Kitchen Machine 1200W, 6.7L, Multifunctional - OWKVI4230 S

  27. Midea Electric Oven Built in 60 cm, Mechanical timer with fan, Steel

    Special Price SAR1,742.00 Regular Price SAR2,099.00
  28. Midea Elertic Stone Hob, 4 Burner, 90 cm, 9 Temperature Level ,Black

    Special Price SAR1,930.00 Regular Price SAR2,599.00
  29. Braun PurEase Food processor, 800W - FP3235SI

  30. Glem Gas Gas Oven 5 burner, 50x80 cm, full safety, Steel

    Special Price SAR3,169.00 Regular Price SAR3,450.00
  31. Kenwood Air fryer,Capacity 3.8 L ,1500 watts, 60min Timer,Temperature 80:200 - OWHFP30.000BK

  32. ATC Electric Oven 2000W, 60 L, Grill Set, 1.1 Wire - H-O60DG

    Special Price SAR299.00 Regular Price SAR529.00
  33. Hommer Electric Kettle 1.8 L, 1850 up to 2000 W, Stainless Steel - HSA222-10

  34. WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Vertical freezer, Steel, 21ft, 595L, WWFR21VS

    Special Price SAR3,499.00 Regular Price SAR4,999.00
  35. Glem Gas Gas Oven, 5 burner, 60x90 cm, fan, Steel

    Special Price SAR4,937.00 Regular Price SAR5,808.00
  36. Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender, 10000W,Black -MQ7045X

  37. LG Refrigerator 2 Doors, 20.9Ft, WI-FI, Top Frreezer, Silver

    Special Price SAR5,299.00 Regular Price SAR8,299.00
  38. LG Neochef Microwave 25L , White , MS2535GISW

    Special Price SAR529.00 Regular Price SAR899.00
  39. Glem Gas Built in Gas Oven, 5 Burner, 90 cm, Electronic Ignition, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,115.00 Regular Price SAR2,473.00
  40. Hommer Mixer 1.5L, 500W, Glass cup+Grinder, 2 speeds, 4 blades - HSA205-04

  41. Midea Upright Freezer 9.2FT, 260L, No Frost, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,739.00 Regular Price SAR3,329.00
  42. Kenwood Prospero Stand Mixer1000W, 4.3 Litre - White- KHC29.B0WH

  43. Hitachi Refrigerator Double Door, 21.20Ft, 600L, Inverter, Platinum Silver

    Special Price SAR4,498.00 Regular Price SAR6,065.00
  44. LG Refrigerator 16.9 Ft, Top Freezer, Silver

    Special Price SAR3,299.00 Regular Price SAR6,199.00
  45. ATC Air Fryer, 5.5L, 2000W, Black

  46. LG Electric Oven 4 Burners with 1 Warming, 65×76cm, Smart, Steel

    Special Price SAR4,199.00 Regular Price SAR6,999.00
  47. Kenwood Electric Kettle 1.7 L, 2200 W, Black - OWZJP01.AOBK

  48. Mando Refrigerator 2 Door, 18.1FT, 510L, Top Freezer, Silver

    Special Price SAR2,599.00 Regular Price SAR2,999.00
  49. Haier Refrigerator Side by Side 4 doors, 17.8ft, inverter, Steel

    Special Price SAR4,199.00 Regular Price SAR7,599.00
  50. Hommer Food Processor 600W, 1.75L, Bowl 1.2L, Multi-speed, Ice crushing, Red - HSA239-03

  51. Samsung Refrigerator Side by Side 2 Door, 22.9FT, 647L, Silver

    Special Price SAR5,199.00 Regular Price SAR8,699.00
  52. Kenwood Onion Cutter, 500 watts, 0.5 L , 2 Speeds - OWCH550006

  53. Braun Food Processor Multi Quick, 800W, 2 Speed, Boil 2.1 L , White/Gray - FP3131WH

  54. LG Refrigerator 2 Door, 15.4Ft, WiFi, Inverter, Silver

    Special Price SAR3,499.00 Regular Price SAR5,799.00
  55. Philips Series 5000, Kettle, 1.7L, 1850-2200W, Durable Crystal - HD9339/81

  56. ATC Electric Oven 2000W, 45 L, Grill Set, 1.1 Wire - H-O45DG

  57. Hommer Electric Grill, 1800 W - HSA206-04

  58. Haier Chest Freezer, 7Ft, 199L, White

    Special Price SAR1,349.00 Regular Price SAR1,999.00
  59. Braun Multiquick Food Processor Spaghetti, Power Plus 700W, 600ml Jug, Vegetable Chopper 350ml - MQ3025

  60. Haier Chest Freezer 3.5ft, 99L, White

    Special Price SAR949.00 Regular Price SAR1,499.00
  61. ATC Centrifugal Juice Extractor 850W Multi Color - H-JE850

  62. Atc Kettle 1.8 Liter, 2200 Watts - H-KE857

  63. Kenwood KVL8 Chef XL Titanium, 1700 watt, 6.7 liters Kitchen Machine (OWKVL8300S)

  64. Glem Gas Gas Oven 5 burner 60x90 cm, Steel

    Special Price SAR4,003.00 Regular Price SAR4,796.00
  65. Haier Refrigerator Side By Side, 19.8ft, 560L, Inverter, Silver

    Special Price SAR3,799.00 Regular Price SAR6,999.00
  66. Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor, 800 Watt - OWFDM307SS

  67. ATC Popcorn maker, 1200 watts - HPM-350

  68. Midea Microwave 20L, 700W, Digital, White - EM720CFF

  69. Samsung Upright Freezer Single Door, 11.1Ft, 315L, Steel

    Special Price SAR3,999.00 Regular Price SAR6,599.00
  70. Samsung Refrigerator 2Door, 16Ft, 453L, Silver

    Special Price SAR3,249.00 Regular Price SAR5,199.00
  71. Braun MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender 1000W, Black - MQ7075BK

  72. HOMMER Microwave Oven 23L, 800 W, Quick Start, Black - HSA409-07

  73. HOMMER Air fryer 5.3L, 1800W, Black

  74. ATC Ice Cream Maker 200 W, 4 Cones, Cylinder design - H-IM426

  75. Delonghi Low Oil Fryer and Multi Cooker1.5Kg .1400W - DLFH1175/S

  76. Dots Stand Mixer From 600W To 1300W, 6.5 L.T - MXR-65L

  77. Midea Electric Ceramic Oven 5 Burner Including 1 Double Burner, 60x90cm, Steel

    Special Price SAR3,999.00 Regular Price SAR4,899.00
  78. Hommer Electric Oven 2200W, 60L, Double Glass, 100 : 230 °C, Black - HSA226-07

  79. Glem Gas Built in Gas Oven 60cm, Cooling Fan, Steel

    Special Price SAR2,934.00 Regular Price SAR3,416.00

Items 1-80 of 266

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