Ricoh DLP projector CIZE 55 - PJS 2440 SVGA 3000 lumens-PJS 2440

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PJS 2440
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Projection brightness up to 3,100ml

Resolution: SVGA XGA WXGA

5,000 hours lamp life; 6,000 hours in Eco Mode

See the value in reaching any audience, anywhere You want your audience to see your latest great idea. So why not put it right in front of them? Use the innovative RICOH® PJ S2440/PJ X2440/PJ WX2440 to project images, videos, presentations and more with amazing brightness, colour and clarity quickly in almost any environment. Transport the affordable, lightweight system with ease and showcase your best work at projection sizes ranging from 30 inches to 300 inches wide diagonally, even when placed only a few feet away from the screen or wall. Wireless projection is available, by using Wi-Fi dongle. It’s easy to set up and use in classrooms, conference rooms and other venues. Even better, it’s designed to use less energy, so you can save operating costs, too.

Choose how you want to present yourself Tailor your presentation to fit your message and your audience. Choose from three affordable portable projection systems depending on your specific needs. With clearer images, you won’t have to worry about casting doubts either. For smaller screens, still images, PowerPoint presentations and projections of your desktop computer screen, opt for the entry-level RICOH PJ S2440 for incredible convenience at a budget-easing price. If you’re planning on also showing more videos and fine-detailed images, choose the RICOH PJ X2440 and PJ WX2440 for higher image quality that’s sure to impress audiences without taxing your budget.

Put information where it needs to be You have important information to share. The longer you keep it to yourself, the less value it has. Use the PJ 2440 series to bring images of documents, photos, blueprints, presentations and more with you and put them in front of the key decision makers who need them most. Add this versatile projection system to your collection of personal mobile devices you already use to stay productive whether you’re in the office, conducting a training session, in front of a client or on the move. Because it’s portable and requires no IT support to operate, you can carry your best ideas with you without ever slowing down, even when you need to make an important presentation at a moment’s notice.

Add clarity to every message You can’t share what you can’t see. Use the PJ 2440 series to display your presentation on the big screen in more than one billion colours and sharp, precise lines so participants can see important details clearly from every angle. With the PJ S2440, you can project images with SVGA resolution at up to 800 x 600 dpi with a 4:3 aspect ratio for easy viewing. Showcase more detailed images and videos with XGA resolution at up to 1024 x 768 with the PJ X2440, and WXGA resolution at up to 1280 x 800 with the PJ WX2440, both with a 16:10 aspect ratio. PJ S2440 and PJ X2440 offer 3,000 lumens, and PJ WX2440 offers 3,100 lumens, coupled with 10,000:1 high contrast ratio mode, you can impress audiences with bright, crisp visuals in even moderately lit rooms. Add optional 3D projection tools to give your audience an up-close-and-personal look at CAD drawings, blueprints, special videos and more.

Make your presentations compelling and convenient Keep all eyes fixated on the screen, instead of you or the projector. Use the convenient remote control to stay out of the way as you navigate through your presentation or adjust settings. Take advantage of multiple input terminals, including a HDMI port, to plug in a wider range of multimedia devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, DVD and Blu-ray players and more. HDMI/MHL is built-in for PJ X2440 and PJ WX2440 only. Wireless projection is available, by using Wi-Fi dongle. Use the focus lever on top of the device to fine-tune blurred images or text easily. Your audience can hear everything clearly from the internal speakers. Or, add external speakers for even more impressive audio that matches the on-screen action. Worried about auxiliary noise during quieter moments? The projectors can operate with noise levels as low as 31 dB.

Save energy, cut costs and avoid the hassle Focus on what’s most important. Get your message to the right people for the right price. The PJ 2440 series uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology for more precise presentations with brighter colours, more consistency and less lag. When you present in Eco Mode, you can adjust brightness for darker colours automatically to reduce energy usage without affecting the image. As a result, you can extend lamp life from 5,000 hours to a whopping 6,000 hours. Should you need to replace any parts, take advantage of warranty and order new ones from your Ricoh support team.

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Model NumberPJS 2440
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