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Delivery details

The shipping process date depends on your purchase order, your city location and payment method.

Delivery of orders inside Riyadh city is within 3 to 7 working days & Outside Riyadh within 3 to 10 working days excluding weekends ( Friday and Saturday) and official holidays such as Eid and National Day of the Kingdom. The delivery time during holidays is 15 days.

Delivery time is appreciated and not guaranteed. To review the estimated delivery date and time, please check the product page. The product page is updated regularly based on the latest statue.

Delivery also depends on the acceptance of the client and set the date of delivery with the black box team or with the shipping team. In the event that the customer does not communicate with us at the time of delivery, this may lead to a delay in delivery time without any liability to Black Box.

Delivery of the small  orders by the shipping company

Product Delivery Cost: 19 SR.

The cost of delivery of orders when  the customer  selects the payment feature upon receipt: The cost is  29 SR. payable upon receipt

Delivery of the large orders by Black Box company (including air conditioners)

The time of delivery of the large orders that is mentioned on the product page on our website depends on the available time for delivery and is not guaranteed to be according to the time that on the page.  The date of delivery is determined by contacting the customer and confirming the date.  

The customer has the right to store the products in the warehouse of the Black Box Company for more than 30 days, with an additional value of 5% of the invoice value for every additional 30 days, and the amount will be paid in the exhibition.

In the event that the storage period expires and the customer does not receive the devices, the Black Box Company has the right to cancel the invoice and sell the devices, and the customer has the right to recover the amount of the invoice after deducting 10% of its value, and the customer is not compensated for the amount of storage service.

The customer will bear an amount of SAR 100 in case the delivery date is not postponed 24 hours before the specified date.


Maintenance, return  and replacement policy:

Maintenance or return or replacement of the goods for customers in the following cases:


The  customer has the right to coordinate  with Black Box customer services to maintain the device at the agent during the warranty period only if there is no any defect that violates the license or the instructions of use the device that was specified by the agent

• The customer has the right to request the return of the product within seven days from the date of purchase, provided that the product is wrapped in its original state with all its contents and is accompanied by the origin of the invoice and  ID to complete the return or replacement process.

• The customer has the right to request a return or replacement (household appliances ) after agreement and approval of the agent if there is a malfunction that does not violate the instructions of use during the warranty period.

• In the condition of return and replacement of mobiles, laptops, pc & small pieces the customer pays for each shipment 38 SR. as shipping and return charges if they comply with the return and replacement policy.

In the condition of return and replacement of large pieces the customer pays for each piece 150 SR. as shipping and return charges, It also bears, if any,  the cost of fixtures and extensions.

Also, in the case of payment by credit card, the customer will bear 2.2% of the value of the purchases as purchase fees by credit card

• All consumer products such as software, multimedia, DVDs, computers, accessories, printers, fax machines, cameras, inks, cameras, razors, personal care devices can be returned or replaced if they are not used,are intact and Packed in original condition

The Black Box Company has the right to cancel COD orders in the event that the customer delay or does not respond.

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