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  1. Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Generator Iron, 2700 W, Purple - GC9660/36

    Special Price SAR1,149 Regular Price SAR1,699
  2. Philips PerfectCare Compact Steam generator iron 2400W, 1.5L, Purple - GC7842/46

    Special Price SAR695 Regular Price SAR999
  3. Philips Steam Generator Iron 2100, Tank 2500ml, Light Indicator - GC6815/26

    Special Price SAR539 Regular Price SAR799
  4. Philips Steam Iron 3000W, Tank 300ml, Steam Glide Elite Soleplate, Purple-DST8021/36

    Special Price SAR499 Regular Price SAR649
  5. Philips Azur 8000 Series Steam Iron 3000W, SteamGlide Elite soleplate - Black-Gold-DST8041/86

    Special Price SAR534 Regular Price SAR749
  6. Braun TexStyle7 Pro Steam Iron 3000W, 300ml Tank, Cable 2.5m, Blue - SI7160BL

    Special Price SAR369 Regular Price SAR499
  7. Philips 7000 Series HV Steam Iron 3000W, SteamGlide Elite soleplate, Blue/Yellow - DST7060/26

    Special Price SAR359 Regular Price SAR509
  8. Philips Steam Iron 2600W,PerfectCare, Black - GC3929/66

    Special Price SAR349 Regular Price SAR449
  9. Philips HV Steam Iron 7000 Series 2800W, 50g/min, SteamGlide Elite Soleplate - DST7040/86

    Special Price SAR299 Regular Price SAR409
  10. Philips HV Steam Iron 7000 Series 2600W, 45g/min, SteamGlide Soleplate - DST7012/76

    Special Price SAR249 Regular Price SAR329
  11. Philips Steam iron 2400W, 40 g/min, 180 g steam boost - DST5020/26

    Special Price SAR199 Regular Price SAR269
  12. Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron 2500W, 45 g/min continuous steam, Blue - GC3920/26

    Special Price SAR329 Regular Price SAR399
  13. Philips Steam Iron 2600W,5000 Series, Black - DST5040/86

    Special Price SAR229 Regular Price SAR299
  14. Philips Steam iron 2000W, 220ML, 90 g steam boost, Anti-scale - GC1740/26

    Special Price SAR99 Regular Price SAR159
  15. Philips Ceramic Steam iron 2600W, 40 g/min, 200g steam boost - DST3041/36

    Special Price SAR169 Regular Price SAR239
  16. Philips Steam iron 3000 Series 2100W, 30g/min, Steam boost - DST3011/26

    Special Price SAR125 Regular Price SAR199
  17. Philips HV Steam Iron 7000 Series 2800W, 50g-min, SteamGlide Elite Soleplate - DST7030/26

    Special Price SAR299 Regular Price SAR359
  18. Philips Dry Iron 1200W, DynaGlide Soleplate, Wire 1.8m - GC160/07

    Special Price SAR89 Regular Price SAR129
  19. Philips Azur Steam Iron 2800W, 50g/min continuous steam - GC4902/26

  20. Philips Steam Iron 2000W, Non-stick soleplate, Anti-scale - Red-GC1742/46

  21. Philips Steam Iron 2600W, Steam Glide Plus Soleplate - GC4558/26

  22. Braun TexStyle9 Pro Steam Iron 3100W, 330ml Tank, Cable 2.5m, Black - SI9281BK

    Special Price SAR399 Regular Price SAR579
  23. Braun TexStyle5 Steam Iron 2700W, 300ml Tank, Cable 2m, Blue - SI5037VI

    Special Price SAR242 Regular Price SAR369
  24. Philips HV Steam Iron 7000Series 2600W, SteamGlide Soleplate, Blue/Grey - DST7011/26

    Out of stock
  25. Philips Azur Steam Iron 2400W, 200g steam boost - Black-White - GC4537/86

    Out of stock
  26. Philips Azur Steam Iron 2400W, 180g steam boost, Auto off - GC4532/26

    Out of stock
  27. Braun Steam TexStyle1 Iron ,220ml,2000W - SI1050BL

    Out of stock
  28. Braun TexStyle 1 Steam Iron 2000W, 220ml Tank, Cable 1.9m, Purple - SI1070PU

    Out of stock
  29. Braun TexStyle 1 Steam Iron 1900W, Orange - SI1009OR

    Out of stock
  30. Braun CareStyle 5 Steam Iron 1.4 Tank, Cable 1.8-1.6 m - IS5022WH

    Out of stock
  31. Philips Steam iron 2400W, 40 g/min, 160 g steam boost - DST5010/16

    Out of stock
  32. Hommer Ceramic Steam Iron 2200W - HSA203-03

    Out of stock
  33. Philips Steam Iron SteamGlide soleplate, 2400 W, 320 ml - GC2994/26

    Out of stock
  34. Braun TexStyle 3 Steam Iron 2350W, purple -SI 3042

    Out of stock
  35. ATC Dry Iron 1100 -1300 Watts, Heavy Dry, Iron edges, Heat indicator - H-I515

    Out of stock

    Out of stock

    Out of stock
  38. Hommer Steam Iron 2200 Watts - HSA203-02

    Out of stock
  39. Braun TexStyle 9 Steam Iron ,Black - SI 9188

    Out of stock
  40. Braun TexStyle 7 Pro steam iron 2800W , Grey - SI 7088

    Out of stock
  41. Braun TexStyle 7 Pro steam iron, Blue - SI 7062 BL

    Out of stock
  42. PHILIPS Steam Iron EasySpeed Plus, 2100 watts , Vertical steaming , Ceramic plate , Steam output up to 30 g/min, Blue - GC2145/26

    Out of stock
  43. Panasonic Heavy Duty Dry Iron 1200W, White - NI22AWTXJ

    Out of stock
  44. Platinum Steam Iron 2720W-ES-2340

    Out of stock

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